As part of the mortgage process you will most likely need a solicitor to deal with the transaction.

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This can sometimes come as part of your mortgage deal free of charge known simply as ‘FREE LEGALS’  or you may need to select your own.

Conveyancing services are referred to a third party. Neither KC Mortgages nor PRIMIS are responsible for the service received.

We have a panel of solicitors that we use on a regular basis chosen for cost and service. If you would like us to appoint a recommended solicitor on your behalf we can help !

We will also guide you through the process of the legal side of things and call on your behalf for regular updates.

We may receive a fee from the solicitor for referrals , this is paid to us directly from the solicitor.


Common queries

Do they need to be local? 

No. You do not need to use a local conveyancer. In fact, all conveyancing solicitors individually act for clients throughout England & Wales, as the process of conveyancing and land ownership is uniform wherever you are


How much will it cost ? 

This will vary hugely depending on the transaction. Some lenders will offer a free legal package particularly on remortgages.

We can get you an idea of cost on your first appointment if needed so long as we know the property you will be making an offer on.


When do I need to appoint a solicitor ?

Estate agents often request your solicitors details along with an agreement in principle before making an offer .

We can instruct your solicitor fully one your offer is accepted


How long does the process take ?

This again will vary hugely case to case. There are numerous factors that can cause delays, delays in conducting or obtaining searches, differences in valuations, the size of the chain, unresponsive buyers or sellers, a solicitor having too much to handle .

Some factors cannot be helped however we feel choosing a tried and tested solicitor with a clear channel of communication can make all the difference!